Our Vision

As learning communities who are part of the Christian mission we have the task to promote the full dignity and development of all people.  We are dedicated to children learning at high levels within a culture that optimizes learning for all. We will use contemporary teaching practices in all areas – academic, physical, spiritual, emotional and social – as we pass on the beliefs and traditions of our Catholic faith in an environment of care, which reflects the values of the gospel.

Our Mission

As a community, which is Christ-centered, we will:

  • nurture and build a RESPECTFUL community which is engaged in a dynamic,creative learning journey in child safe schools.

  • support the development of a community of INDEPENDENT and RESILIENT citizens where learning is highly valued.

  • provide an INCLUSIVE, relevant, stimulating and challenging curriculum structured around personalised learning.

  • provide relevant and PURPOSEFUL feedback to our students and their families so that both school and home work together to support the child’s learning.

  • build POSITIVE RELATIONSHIPS through knowing and valuing each student.

  • work in COLLABORATIVE PARTNERSHIPS with our families, students and  our colleagues across both schools, our Parish, our 
    Diocese and local and wider communities.

  • promote JUSTICE, ACCOUNTABILITY and HONESTY through the building of a sense of responsibility to self and others.

  • St Brendan's Dunnstown
  • St Brendan's Primary

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