Religious Education Curriculum

St. Brendan's School uses the Diocesan Religious Education Curriculum, "Awakenings". 

"Awakenings" is a comprehensive and sequential curriculum framework that is informed by the Doctrine of the Catholic Tradition and is presented to teachers and students in a way that reflects current understandings about teaching and learning. "Awakenings" (p.55) states that:

Religious Education intends to awaken us intellectually:
* by encouraging critical thinking and inquiry;
* by firing our imagainative capacity;
* by enlightening our experiences with reason;
* by broadening our perspectives through Scripture and Tradition.

Religious Education intends to awaken us ethically:
* by forming moral character;
* by arousing our desire for wisdom; 
* by attuning us to the attitudes of Jesus;
* by promoting responsibility and integrity in living.

Religious Education intends to awaken us spiritually:
* by relating our life to the mystery of God;
* by valuing our interior life and capacities;
* by developing prayerful and liturgical habits;
* by connecting compassion with justice.

Learning and Teaching

Learning and teaching should be of the best standard possible and reflect the Vision and Mission Statements of the School.
It should recognise the role of parents as the primary educators of their children.

All children should have access to a comprehensive curriculum which includes the knowledge, skills, values and attitudes that will enable them to lead full Christian lives and play an active role in bringing about the Kingdom of God within the world in which they live.

Teachers employ a variety of strategies when teaching children in multi-age groupings. These can include co-operative group work, whole class instruction parent helpers, individual research, role-play, and discussion, note taking.... The amount of planning entered into before teaching a lesson can often be reflected by the enthusiasm of the participants involved.

At the Bungaree Parish Schools we are very proud of our educational standards, which are designed to accelerate learning for each child in our care.


At the Bungaree Parish Schools, it is believed that reporting to the parents of our students should clearly communicate the achievements of the students and should also provide recommendations which will assist the students' future learning.

Accurate and comprehensive reporting of school and student performance aids in establishing open communication, helps to improve student learning, assists in establishing future direction, and helps to identify areas of exemplary performance, as well as those in need of support and assistance.